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  • Deep Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent
  • Gutter & Roof
Deep cleaning air ducts can improve your indoor air quality, reduce allergens and dust, lower your energy bills, and extend the life of your HVAC system.
    Dryer vent cleaning can prevent fires, reduce drying time, save energy, prevent mold growth, and extend the life of your dryer. Don’t wait, call us today!
      Gutter and roof cleaning can protect your home from water damage, pest infestation, roof leaks, and ice dams. It can also boost your curb appeal and property value. Contact us now!

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        Save $20 on our air duct deep cleaning services. We are professional, efficient, and affordable. Increase your air quality today

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        Increase your air quality with air duct deep cleaning for only $149.00. Don't wait to breathe clean air. Call us today!

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        We deep clean the ducts and do not upcharge.

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        Local Air Duct Cleaning Service

        Fernandina Vents is Dedicated To Cleaning Your Air Ducts.

        We are a local company that believes in excellent air duct and vent cleaning services at great prices.

        Our deep cleaning duct services allow us to remove mold, debris, and allergens from your house's HVAC system, greatly improving air quality.

        Professional technicians

        We are well trained, licensed, and insured. We service all of Nassau County, FL

        Over 10 years experience

        Our experience allows us to be very detailed, fast, and efficient when it comes to cleaning your ducts.

        Cleaned Ducts
        10 Years of Working Experience

        Air Duct Cleaning Service Done Right.

        No Job is too Small for Fernandina Vents.

        We are Nassau County's Best Air Duct Cleaners.

        We service home owners and business clients. Keeping the air quality of your home or business good is non negotiable.

        • Technicians with experience
        • $149.00 Air Duct Deep Cleaning
        • We’re insured and reliable
        • Satisfaction is our top priority

        Not only are we affordable, but we are also reliable. No upsells, and no hidden fees. $149.00 Call us today.

        Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts

        Servicing Fernandina, FL and Nassau County.

        We show up on time, we pay attention to detail, and we make your home safe. What more could you ask for?

        • $45.00 Dryer Vent & Roof Top
        • Dryer Vent Deep Clean
        • Licensed and Insured
        Dryer Vent Cleaning

        We Place Safety First.

        We keep your dryer vents free of debris.

        Dirty dryer vents are one of the leading causes of house fires in the United States. They should be cleaned on an annual basis in order to reduce energy costs, as well as for family safety.

        $45 Dryer Vent & Roof Clean

        Let us thoroughly clean your dryer vent. We will then clean your rooftop free of charge. Unbeatable in Nassau county.

        The Reviews Speak For Themselves.

        Reviews From Satisfied Customers

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        Ben Bristol
        Ben Bristol
        Timely and great service
        Antoinette Bronson
        Antoinette Bronson
        Dryer vent cleaning…..awesome job!!!
        Zeke Torres
        Zeke Torres
        Great dryer vent cleaning company they spotted a problem had my roof changed and the vent was not going out the roof as it exposed to now we are calling the roofers back to get it fix thank you jax all pro for letting us know
        Donna Smith
        Donna Smith
        Great service ! Arrived estly. Our dryer vent had not been cleaned in some time. The guys worked on it to sure it was completely clean and free of dryer lint. They cleaned up inside and also blew off the roof. Would definitely recommend yo family and friends! Will be calling to schedule ac vent cleaning!
        Deanna Kane
        Deanna Kane
        Very courteous, professional, and showed up even early!
        Ray Street
        Ray Street
        dryer vent cleaning, they were on time, did a professional job, I will use them again.
        Mark Taliaferro
        Mark Taliaferro
        The dryer vent cleaning was awesome! They were on time and so quick and efficient. They got so much lint out of the vents!!! They went on the roof as well so we will be set for awhile. Highly recommend!
        Justin was very professional. Will be using him again in the future. Thanks Justin.
        Heather Mandel
        Heather Mandel
        Justin did a very thorough job of cleaning my dryer vent. Highly recommend!
        Brian G. King
        Brian G. King
        1st Class . On time and went above and beyond the actual dryer duct cleaning. My dryer would run 5 minutes then shut off that is how clogged it was, found that the exhaust pipe was disconnected at the roofline and clogged up. .Went into the attic and repaired it. Didn't try to upcharge me. Haven't had a company this reliable and honest at my home in years.